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John Deere MS23 Series Side-Discharge Manure Spreaders

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Side discharge and 101.6-cm (40-in.) expeller

Provides uniform spread pattern Provides uniform spread pattern

The side discharge system features a 101.6-cm (40-in.) wide expeller that provides a uniform spread pattern up to 9.1 m (30 ft). The heavy-duty expeller system features a quick release poly-lined spread pan and side fins to help reduce material from spilling on the tractor and spreader.

Automatic chain oiler system and remote grease system

Easy maintenance saves time and money Easy maintenance saves time and money

The automatic oiler system oils the drive system chains when the discharge door is raised. The remote grease system allows quick and easy maintenance of hard-to-reach grease points.

Indicators can be seen from the cab

Shows position of auger and discharge gate Shows position of auger and discharge gate

Two indicators visually show the position of the auger and discharge gate. The auger hydraulically raises and lowers 20.3 cm (8 in.) in order to break up material. A hydraulic cylinder opens and closes the discharge gate, which can be adjusted on the go to control the rate of application.

Adjustable hitch height

Properly adjusts hitch height Properly adjusts hitch height

Models MS2320 and MS2326 feature a standard adjustable hitch for proper height adjustment.

Poly-lined tank prevents material from building up

Allows material to slide to auger Allows material to slide to auger

A left-side poly liner allows material to slide to the auger. Models MS2320 and MS2326 feature a 61-cm (24-in.) diameter auger while models MS2334 and MS2342 offer a 76.2-cm (30-in.) auger to make material handling more efficient.


Struck level 9.8 m3
347 cu ft
Liquid 9,827 L
2,596 U.S. gal.


Top of flare width 221 cm
87 in.
Inside width 221 cm
87 in.
Inside length 4.9 m
16 ft
Inside depth 148.6 cm
58.5 in.
Overall length

22, 8
Overall width with standard tires 261.6 cm
103 in.
Overall loading height - top of flare 205.7 cm
81 in.
Overall height with hydraulic endgate to top beater
Height with splashguard Front
2.2 m
7.3 ft
2.1 m
6.8 ft
Side loading height 2.1 m
6.75 ft
Screen height
Width of tank top 2.2 m
7.3 ft
Beater height


Loaded with base tire 13,392.6 kg
29,531 lb
Implement with base tire 3,573.7 kg
7,880 lb
Towing unit minimum weight 8,928.4 kg
16,987.1 lb
Tongue weight (approximate) 958.3 kg
2,113 lb

Lighting, marking and safety

Transport safety lights Standard
Markings Standard
Safety tow chain Standard
Jack Standard

PTO drive

Standard 1000 rpm
Optional 540 rpm
Shear bolt protection Yes

Drive system




Speed 24.3 rpm
Diameter 61 cm
24 in.




Inside shredder

Drive chain



Replaceable Yes


Front Yes
Rear Yes

Wheels and tires

Tire size 16.1 X 16.5
Spindle size 6.4 cm
2.5 in.
Hub style Greaseable
Axle Tandem

Hydraulic-push upload rate

At 15 gpm

Rear pan


End gate



Push gate
Hydraulic endgate Quantity


Floor Steel
Box Steel
Copper bearing steel tank
Side rail protection Yes
Auger troughs

Set-up time

Labor hours


Time period 1 year

Additional information

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