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John Deere 2633VT Vertical Tillage

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  • Unique blade configuration on 185-mm (7.25-in.) spacing optimizes one pass sizing and mixing
  • Six sizes available to fit right machine to any size operation
  • Easily tension gang bolts
  • Extended-life bearings improve productivity
  • Hydraulic fore-aft leveling enables operators to level machine from tractor cab


Model 2633 VT Vertical Tillage
Working Depth up to 3 in (76 mm)
Working Speed 7 to 10 mph (11.4-16 km/h)
Required HP (PTO)/FT 8.5 to 11 (20.8-26.95 kw/m)
Weight/Blade 197 lbs to 227 lbs (89.4-103 kg)
Residue Conditions light/medium/heavy
Depth Control TruSet/Single-point

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