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Specialty Tractors

Tractors Specialty Tractors for sale, 5100MH, 5100ML, 5115ML, 6105M, 6115M, 6125M for sale at Harvest Equipment and Theriault Equipment. Serving your new and used equipment needs from ME, and Presque Isle, ME , and Newport, Swanton, Montpelier, and Williston, VT.

The perfect fit for the work you do.

John Deere Specialty Tractors

Whether you work with sensitive fruit and vegetable crops, spend your days ducking under entryways in poultry houses or low-hanging orchards, or squeeze between narrow rows, the last thing you
want to do is compromise. With the John Deere family of specialty tractors, you won’t have to. They come with all the features, power and performance you want in a utility tractor … in a size that’s just right for the specialty crops you grow

The nimble and narrow 5G Series

The 5GN and 5GV bring a whole new level of narrow to our specialty tractor line up. With widths as little as 43” and a tighter turning radius, you can squeeze into tough places and take on the toughest chores. Choose between two models, 75, 90 and 100 horsepower and a number of other you never have to force a bad fit.

The 5G Series Narrow Specialty Tractors

Introducing the new 5G Series Narrow Specialty Tractor - a new level of narrow that is made to fit the way you farm.

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