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John Deere HH60C Hammer

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  • These are the fastest hydraulic hammers on the market, with 30-percent fewer parts than either competitive or previous models, for simplified maintenance.
  • Redesigned to provide two or three times more blows per minute (BPM) than previous models, for increased efficiency.
  • Exclusive tool retention enables quick installation and removal using only one small screwdriver.
  • Bits* available to power your productivity include:
  • Standard moil point suitable for breaking concrete or medium-hard, non-stratified rock.
  • Optional chisel point for most concrete flatwork, walls around rebar, or breaking into a precut line.
  • Optional spade, available in two sizes, for most concrete and all earthworks in soft, non-stratified rock.
  • Optional compacting plate for single-machine prep of dirt for concrete pads and fencing.
  • Optional pyramid point used to break hard, reinforced concrete as well as sediment.

*All bits are unique to this hydraulic hammer, All older bits will not be compatible.


Model HH60C
Weight 500 lb. (228 kg)
Operating Pressure 1,160-1,885 psi (80-130 bar)
Pressure Relief 3,190 psi (220 bar)
Impact Rate 600-1,8000 BPM
Noise Level 122 dBA
Vehicle Compatibility 312G, 314G, 316Gr, 318G, 320E, 324E, 330G, and 332G Skid Steers; 317G, 323E, 329E, 331G, and 333G CTLs; 35G, 50G, and 60G Compact Excavators

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